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March 12, 2011

Jean Nouvele’s 100 11th Ave in NY

IMG_0228-bw2 © Paul Clemence

cityview_insnow © Ateliers Jean Nouvel

IMG_0476-a © Paul Clemence

IMG_0460-a © Paul Clemence

IMG_0458-a © Paul Clemence

IMG_0289-bw © Paul Clemence

IMG_0277-bw © Paul Clemence

IMG_0256-bw © Paul Clemence

IMG_0251-a © Paul Clemence

IMG_0241-bw © Paul Clemence

IMG_0215-bw © Paul Clemence

IMG_0214-bw1-b © Paul Clemence

Photographer Paul Clemence shared with us some photos of 100 11th Ave, a residential tower in Chelsea by Jean Nouvel.

This building is almost complete, and it has a strong presence from across the river, or when seen from the High Line. I remember that a month ago, I was looking at it from the High Line and a lady next to me said “how old is that building?”. Despite the fact of its high tech curtain wall, using 1647 different window panels, the building looks ancient, almost like a left over from the old waterfront.

The variation of the windows is not only on their size, but also the inclination and the glass tint, giving this building a unique facade.