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July 31, 2011

Xi’an Expo 2011 Officially Opens

aerial2 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

guangyun-entrance1 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

greenhouse-night1 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

greenhouse-birdview Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

flowing-gardens-overview2 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

creativity-pavilion4 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

creativity-pavilion3 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

creativity-pavilion1 Plasma Studio and Huashang Newspaper

The Xi’an Expo 2011 has officially opened and, as expected, the international horticultural event has attracted a staggering 200,000 in just the first weekend! We’ve been covering the Expo beginning with Plasma Studio + GroundLab’s conceptual design, and we have been featuringupdates about the project over the course of the last few months.  The Expo embodies the idea of transformation as the site was formerly a sandpit where the water was severely degraded during the 1980s.   Efforts over the past two decades have restored the ecosystem and now the Expo is able to demonstrate what can be accomplished through the use of the most advanced technology, ideas, and materials.  As we reported earlier, the 37 ha complex includes three buildings that are interconnected with a dynamic landscape of unfolding paths and networks of water, circulation and foliage.

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“By leaving behind the obvious typological and historical references to Xi’an’s past, this project is seeking a contemporary authentic expression of China’s current and future ambitions, adding an entirely new layer to the Millenial tapestry of Xi’an. By the same token, Flowing Gardens explores a new syncretic balance between urbanism and landscape with universal relevance. The traditional subordination of ground and landscape by buildings has been reversed to offer a unique symbiotic experience,” explained the architects.

International Competition: 1. Prize, 2009
Project: 2009-2011
Opening: April 28th 2011
Completion: March 2011

Client: Chan-Ba Ecological District
Architecture: Plasma Studio, BIAD
Landscape Design: GroundLab, LAUR Studio, Beijing Forestry University
Engineers: John Martin and Associates, Arup

July 31, 2011

Xi’an World Horticultural Expo | Plasmastudio + Groundlab