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February 7, 2011

Akerselva Atrium | Peter Pran + Jonathan Ward of NBBJ

August 1st, 2009David K

Peter Pran & Jonathan Ward of NBBJ recently has completed the Akerselva Atrium mixed-used building located along the Akerselva/Aker River in Oslo, Norway. The project composed of two distinct architectural forms split by the central lift core with a dramatic striking color glass atrium, where the entrance of the project is defined.

One part of the facade toward the river is in all glass, with a leaning out toward the river with its massing, giving panoramic views for the people working in the building – one feels suspended in space and feel a senstation of floating over the river.

Peter Pran of NBBJ

+ Project description courtesy of Laura Ray of NBBJ

The NBBJ-designed Akerselva Atrium is a new 17,600 SM mixed-use project in the Akerselvaneighborhood in downtown Oslo—a mere five-minute walk to the city’s opera, central train station and harbor. Surrounded by historical industrial, office and apartment buildings, it is among the first contemporary and innovative designs introduced to the area in recent years.

As a site-specific project, the design anchors to the area’s existing architectural aesthetic, while the use of juxtaposed facades, materials and colors, enlivens the neighborhood with a new modern identity. The design also ties to the riverfront whenever possible:

  • The all-metal curtain wall melds with the area’s predominantly metal and masonry buildings; its white-and-blue punched windows bring a modern interplay of color and shape.
  • The west-facing all high-performance glass facade tilts 90 degrees to seemingly float above the river, providing staff with not only a panoramic views but a unique sensation of suspension above water.
  • The inward-leaning atrium serves as the project’s primary entrance and is clearly marked by a dramatic 10-story leaning atrium comprised entirely of orange glass.
  • The atrium defines a diagonal circulation path through the project, splitting it in two.
  • At street level, a wide staircase offers the area’s only public access point to the riverside.

The top floors are occupied by NHST, the primary tenant and owner of Dagens Næringsliv, one of Norway’s top newspapers. The lower floors are occupied by Oslo Kommune/Oslo County and Eiendoms-og Byfornyelsesetaten/Property and City Renewal Department.

Project credits / data

Project: Akerselva Atrium
Location: Downtown Oslo, Norway
Owner: Vital
Architect: NBBJ (London office) and Bambus Architects + Pran Architects (now Poulsson/Pran Architects)
Design principle in charge: Peter Pran, Jonathan Ward
Project designer and manager in charge: Martin Reeves
Interiors: Zinc Interiors
Developer: NCC Property Development
NCC Administrative directors: Adm. Dir.s Mona Ingebrigtsen, Stein Haugbro, Rolf Thorsen
Contractor: NCC Construction

+ All images and drawings courtesy of NBBJ | Photographers Jiri Havran, Erling Magnus Hjerman, Peter Pran
About NBBJ

NBBJ is one of the largest architecture, design and planning practices in the world, with offices in the United Kingdom, North America, the Middle East and China. The firm is a world leader in the design of progressive corporate and commercial buildings for leading companies such as Microsoft, Telenor, Boeing, Reebok, Starbucks and Novartis.

NBBJ’s client roster also includes world-renowned academic, research, healthcare and civic organizations such as the Wellcome Trust and Stanford University. Together, NBBJ’s employees and clients have designed communities, buildings, products, environments and digital experiences across the globe that enhance people’s lives, improve businesses’ bottom lines and contribute to a more sustainable and livable world.

Project credits / data

Project: Akerselva Atrium
Location: Downtown Oslo, Norway

NBBJ (Design Architect)

Peter Pran, Design Principal in charge
Jonathan Ward, Principal,
Martin Reeves, Project Designer and Manager in charge
Stuart Rudd, Technical Coordinator
Phu Duong, Associate and Project Designer
Cliff Green, Architect
Nick Worth, Assistant Architect
Ivan Equihua, Project Designer
Rachel Lin, Designer

Pran Arkitekter, Architects, Oslo

Odd Sigvart Pran, Principal in charge
Elizabeth Pran, Principal

Poulsson/Pran Architects, Oslo (formerly Bambus)

Marcus Pran, Principal in charge
Andreas Poulsson, Principal
Jonas Sobstad, Senior Architect
Inger Anita Reigstad, Interior Architect
Jurg Frei, Senior Architect for Bambus (now Poulsson/Pran)
Erling Magnus Hjerman, Senior Architect

Interior Architects:

Zinc (design for NHST/DN for Akerselva Atrium; floors 4 to 10, lobby, 1st fl+Cafetria)
Elisabeth Tromborg, Interior Architect MNIL in charge
Camilla Songe-Moller, Interior Architect MNIL

Mellbye Architects/Interiors
For EBY at 2 to 4 fl


NCC Property Development, Oslo
Mona Ingebrigtsen, Adm. Dir.
Stein Haugbro, Adm. Dir.
Thomas Tenden, Director
Rolf Thorsen, Adm. Dir.

Construction: NCC Construction

Owner: Vital Company

Main Tenants:

NHST with Dagens Næringsliv (one of the main newspapers in Norway)
Eiendoms- and Byfornyelsesetaten (Property and City Renewal Department)

Advisors/Technical advisors:

Opak – RIB, RIG, RIBR:
Rambøll – Ria: BS Akustikk

Technical coordinator:

Projectibg service: VVS:
Hjeltness Consult- Registering neigbotbuildings: Multiconsult – RIE: Norconsult

Other consultants:

Measuring of sites: Asker Oppmåling
Remove structures and digging: Dokken
Spunt and pilots work: Kynningsrud
Form work: Dokka
Deck casting: Euro Gulv
Finished concrete: Norbetong
Prefab walls: Con-Form Oslo
Steel constructions: Skar Industriservice
Steel and metal work: Rosmek
Coverage/technical rooms: Nordisk

Steel and metalwork, baldakin: Odd aronsen Mechaniv caø Industri
Tekking: Hesselberg Roof
Brick/wall and pussverk: Fjeeldheim & Knudsen
Tile work: BBM in Norway
Metal ceiling outdoors: Moelven Nordia
Aluminum and glass facades: Clima SRL, Italy
Carusell door: Boon Edam
Facade Washing System; NorAcon Kitchen: HTH
Internal system walls+ ceilings: Modulvegger Oslo
Tapestry: Ragnar Anderson
Parkett: ABS Parkettgruppen
Painting work: Dema. Painting technique
Core DRiling and concrete sawing: Mirmax Asphalt & Concrete
Fire sealing: Thermax
Pipe installation: CM athiesen & Co.
Ventilations: Bjerke Ventliasjon
Electro: YIT Building System
Out-of-house work: Løvold
Deliverance of wood:Ø Løvold
Building materials: MV Høvelllas
Sauna: Tylø

+ All images and drawings courtesy of NBBJ | Photo by Jiri Havran + Tim Griffith + Scott Wyatt