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June 20, 2011

martinet primary school | mestura arquitectes

‘martinet primary school’ by mestura architects, barcelona, spain
images courtesy of mestura architects

spanish studio mestura arquitectes has completed ‘martinet’, a primary school in barcelona, spain.
bounded by residential streets, a sports field and park, the structure features a u-shaped arrangement
which exposes every classroom to the outdoors and encloses a series of playgrounds for the youth.

overall view

three wings, each containing a specific program, are realized as overlapping and interconnected forms,
fluctuating in size and orientation depending on their function. the classroom block, the largest and most
dominant form, has been designed as a three-storey volume where each class procures natural daylight,
ventilation and access to the exterior environment. the infant rooms, located on the ground floor open
onto the enclosed yard while the primary classes are hosted on the second and third levels.


a smaller low-lying structure houses communal functions – such as the dining hall and gymnasium –
along with support facilities, and is connected to the main learning center through a third building where
students and visitors are welcomed.

east side facade

an open web of porous and tactile blocks enwraps the building, its hollow and colorful shell informing
both the interior and exterior spaces. set at right angles, the whimsical and organic tiles slightly protrude
and recess, generating a sense of movement and divergence on the static surface. on the sides that receive
the most exposure the stoneware ceramic tiles have been glazed in a gradient of colors – ‘spring’ colors on
the east side and ‘autumn’ colors on the west – that unveil and adapt depending on the viewers location
and relationship to the unit.

west side facade

stoneware ceramic tiles offset from the glazed exterior wall

classroom block



stoneware ceramic tiles offset from the glazed exterior wall

facade detail

east elevation looking over lower structure

(left) elevation
(right) section

project info:

mestura architects: humbert costas, manuel gómez, jaime blanco, carlos durán, josep m. estapè
client: cornellà de llobregat, city council.
gross area: 3.448,71 m2
construction company: constructora san josé
others collaborators: xavier aumedes, technical architect;
luís alfredo rodríguez, engineer of roads, canals and ports; manuel comas, industrial engineer