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May 8, 2011

Wind Screen | Meejin Yoon

Wind Screen by Meejin Yoon, Associate Professor of Architecture
Location:  Green Building (Building 54)
Installation: Installed April 2011

Imagine a shimmering curtain of light suspended in the archway below the Green Building: an architectural-scale screen of micro-turbines that simultaneously generates and consumes energy harvested from the wind, translating wind speed into a visual register of this replenishable source of energy.  Air currents sweeping across the plaza create kinetic patterns of form and light, illuminating what otherwise would be a largely invisible phenomenon.  As the wind blows stronger, and the turbines spin faster, the lights shine more brightly; energy is consumed as soon as it is produced, always balancing the equation.

FAST Future Forum on the Arts: Yoon on Wind Screen

May 8, 2011

Light Drift | Meejin Yoon

Installed: May 7 + 8, 2011
Location: Charles River
Join the activities from 7 – 10 pm!

LIGHT DRIFT is an interactive lighting installation that will appear along the Memorial Drive side of the Charles River and draw viewers into a playful engagement with the artwork, the river’s edge, and each other. Ninety brightly glowing orbs in the river will change color as they react to the presence of people along the shore.

The lighting elements are shaped like orbs or buoys and are equipped with electronics that allow them to respond to a viewer and to communicate with each other. The orbs on land use sensors to detect the presence of a person and relay a radio signal to the corresponding orbs in the water, allowing visitors to transform the array of orbs in the river.  As viewers engage the orbs, the grid of lights in the water becomes an index of the activities on land. Multiple viewers can create intersections of linear patterns, encouraging viewers to “play” with each other. These orbs bring the community together by providing gathering spaces for watching the river turned into a flickering constellation of a field of lights and creating new connections on the river’s edge.

Funded in part by a grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.

FAST Future Forum on the Arts: Meejin Yoon on Light Drift

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Meejin Yoon
Curator of Installations for FAST, Creator of Wind Screen and Light Drift 
FAST Future: New Architecture
Winter/Spring 2011

J. Meejin Yoon is Associate Professor of Architecture at MIT, teaching the architecture design studios. Her design research investigates the relationship between form and performance, public space and technology, and interactivity and architecture. As the founder of MY Studio and co-founder of Howeler + Yoon Architecture, she is engaged in a multidisciplinary practice, operating in the space between architecture, art, and landscape. Her projects include architecture, urban design, installations, concept clothing and artist books. Among her more prominent design projects are: White Noise White Light (an interactive public space installation for the Athens 2004 Olympics), the 3 Degrees of Felt (for the Aztec Empire Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum), and Hover (a solar-powered canopy in New Orleans). Her designs have been exhibited at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper-Hewitt, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum, the Somerset House in London, and Tokyo’s National Art Center. Her many design awards include Architecture Record Design Vanguard, and the Rome Prize.