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September 25, 2011

Conversion Old and New Harbour Bremerhaven | Latz + Partner

Bremen’s harbour transformed by Latz + Partner


The project’s main objective has been to offer a strong and flexible framework in terms of structure and material for the different urban demands and building activities of a town, which has to make progress in its social, economic and ecological change. It has to combine a clear embodiment in the harbour’s rich history and an up-to-date technical and esthetical expression: a transformation of traditional materials into a modern language and sustainable urban design.

Change will happen step by step therefore the newly emerging public spaces have been realised also without still missing future buildings; not only to attract investors, but to offer at an early stage attractive public areas to the citizens. Blue lights on top of the multifunctional masts frame the harbour basins and define the outline of the new quarter being completed within the next years.

Its spatial, ecological and technical renewal provokes the reconnection of the city centre with the harbour and the Weser, with flexibly usable squares and promenades, with marina and boat lock. Existing attractions are combined with new ones, forming a complex structure being both town and landscape, building and open space, harbour and park.

The renewed dykes are zoned by use of material and equipment which emphasise their specific character. Lighting and furniture were developed especially for the place. A strong design vocabulary works with materials common in the place for long-term use and development, including weathering as beautifying process.

Recycled natural paving stones characterise the surfaces with a continuous carpet, thus creating quiet in view of existing and future edificial heterogeneity. Sawn stones cover the main walking areas whereas rough cobblestones along the edges signal attention. Safety elements could be reduced to preserve the harbour’s character, the direct contact to the water and experience of technical elements.

The carpet’s structure changes only where particular materials are marking points of attraction like the Lloyd Place forming the centre of a prominent sightline between city and harbour, or the new wooden bridge crossing the historic entrance to the Lloyd dock.