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March 21, 2011

‘Kaufhaus Tyrol’ Department Store, Austria | David Chipperfield Architects

Project Details:
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Commercial – Public
Architects: David Chipperfield Architects in collaboration with Dieter Mathoi Architekten
Client: Signa Holding GmbH, Innsbruck
Project start: 2007
Completion: 2010
Gross floor area: 58,000 m2
Photos: Ute Zscharnt for David Chipperfield Architects
Drawings: David Chipperfield ArchitectsThe historic centre of Innsbruck along Maria-Theresien-Straße is characterised by a picturesque town structure, which has grown since mediaeval times. The new Kaufhaus Tyrol as a large inner-city building integrates itself into the existing context with sensitivity and power while still respecting it. The new building occupies the space of the former Kaufhaus Tyrol and stretches from Maria-Theresien-Straße through the interior of the block with its central atrium through to Erlerstraße.

Structure is given to the long, stretched front of the new building through three façade sections which are at a slight incline to each other, continuing the historic structure of Maria-Theresien-Straße, which has grown irregularly throughout time. The main entrance, situated in the centre, is subtly emphasised by the central part of the building being higher and faces the Old Town and the pedestrian zone.

Colonnade-like façade columns with a large cross section form the main architectural characteristic of the building. Through their deep reveals the columns continue the shadow play of the neighbouring buildings with their protruding bays and projections. The façade is made of pre-cast concrete elements with natural stone aggregates, which have polished and sandblasted surfaces. Room-height window openings distributed over all floors mediate between the new Kaufhaus Tyrol and the historic environment.

The neighbouring Schindlerhaus, dating back to the sixteenth century, has been frequently modified over the course of the centuries. After careful restoration work of the façade and the addition of a further floor it provides space for offices and meeting rooms and for the former Schindler Café.

The east façade of the Kaufhaus Tyrol along the Erlerstraße picks up the theme of the main façade with its room-height window openings. Because of the overall spatial concept and bearing concept, which already existed prior to the design, it is built as non-bearing post and beam construction in anodised, brushed aluminium. An additional entrance on this side allows shoppers to walk all the way through the building from the Maria-Theresien-Straße to Erlerstraße. A five-storey, naturally lit atrium provides a central access to all the floors, offering glimpses of other departments and enabling orientation when on a shopping trip.

Project Credits:
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects in collaboration with Dieter Mathoi Architekten
Principal: David Chipperfield
Directors: Christoph Felger – Design director; Harald Müller – Managing director
Project architects: Ulrich Goertz – Outline and Detailed proposals,
Construction drawing phase, Artistic overview
Hans Krause – Concept study
Project team: Florian Dietrich, Kristen Finke, Ole Hallier, Paul Hillerkus, Guido Kappius, Mikhail Kornev, Katrin Löscher, Michael Schmidt, Lukas schwind, François von Chappuis, Boris Wolf
Structural engineer: dibral, Dipl.-Ing. Alfred R. Brunnsteiner Ziviltechnikergesellschaft mbH, Natters
Services engineer: Wagner & Partner ZT GmbH, Linz
Electrical planning: A3 Jenewein Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Aldrans
Façade consultant: gkp Fassadentechnik AG, Aadorf
Lighting consultant: matí AG Lichtgestaltung, Adliswil
General planning: Dieter Mathoi Architekten, Innsbruck
Photography: Ute Zscharnt for David Chipperfield Architects