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June 19, 2011

Gymnase du Lycee Louis Bleriot | Christophe Gulizzi Architecte

Project Details:
Location: Marignane, France
Type: Sports – Public – Educational
Architect(s): Christophe Gulizzi Architecte –
Program: Gymnasium, dance room, weight room, moving a boiler, creating a plateau of athletics and tea combined sports.
Site Area: 2978 sq ft outdoor space
Built-up-Area: 1538 sq ft
Budget: 2 620 000.00 € ht
Photos: Philippe Ruault – Vincent Fillon

Call it a proposal extended
A project that is not limited solely to the question of image,
The evocation of the game,
The excitement of the effort,

To begin,
Show a visible and immediate reality;
As a “playground” the playground of the gym has become “screened”
This clarity of intention translates into a clear
See and be seen.

North and south facades are fully glazed
It is a macro-wire mesh
A square mesh of 2.62 m side,
44 meters long, 8 feet high,
148 glazed tiles of 2.42 m sides,
115 tons of steel, sliding bearings, GBE recessed …

But also
Breathe more secret and unseen reality;
That exudes elegance and mystery
Fear and eroticism intimately connected,
That draws its inspiration from the desire
The suggestion
Brutalist archaic and it is a metaphorical interpretation,
A sense of playfulness,
A dreamlike feeling,
A disorder of the concept,
One form of uncertainty of reason,

The auxiliary elements of the program,
Left side of the gymnasium,
Two abutments mineral depict the “stage”
The sublime
Strengthen the urban space,
Uncompromising aesthetic

It is a project prepaid
Without plastic reference immediate
Not a container functions,
Shapes or materials in fashion
But performance technology for aesthetics,
Tactical dialogue between architect and engineer,
A four, four, two, operating.

In this configuration of the space devoted
Guarantor of an attitude design signifying
Is the establishment of a separate device,
From a process
This composition is not a substitute for truth,
Just away from the current academic,

Between reality and appearances …

Protected site, because of its proximity to the Chapelle St-Nicolas, draft submitted to the opinion of the Architect of the buildings in France.
Occupied site, near the high school workshops.

Amounts in rectangular hollow inclined at 45 ° to 150 x 200 mm section form a “big grid”.
A series of beams PRS coverage of variable section. The link between these beams and uprights is provided on each facade, with a purlin enhanced by a parapet.
The facades are constructed on sliding bearings and to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal.
Moreover, these supports are crossed by downspouts integrated posts.
50% of the amounts are low profile one piece from top to bottom. They will resume the local buckling alone. Other amounts are welded 2m which work only compression.

The EP will have the following path:
The gutters on Eaves Beam level.
Five weirs by frontage located between beams
Conducted to measure for the circumvention of the purlin, which led to problems in the hollow of amounts 150 x 200.
Elbows embedded in the foundation sill.

The glasses are made of safety glass type STADIP.
The frames are all equipped with a single glazed laminated safety type SATDIP 55.2.
Dimensions: 242 x 242