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June 29, 2011

Biscornet, Paris/France by [BP] Architectures

Project Details:
Location: Paris, France
Type: Housing – Residential
Architects: [BP] Architectures –
Client: Ministère de la Culture / SAGI – SNI
Engineering: BECT
Program: 14 social housing units + GalleryJacques-Henri Lartigue (RDC et R-1)
Area: 1 609 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Grazziz Luc Boegly, Laure Vasconi

Is there an architect who has not dreamed of designing a building for the Biscornet site, which lay abandoned for so long? Its location is truly spectacular: slightly set back from the Place de la Bastille, it lies where the rue de Lyon and the road running along the canal basin meet; on one side you have a perspective towards the Gare de Lyon, on the other a view of the Bassin de l’Arsenal.

Looking at the building that now stands here, one has to admit that the architectural response provided by BP fits like a made-to-measure suit: it’s a hand-stitched design that oozes a very Parisian form of elegance.

Making best use of the trapezoid shape of the plot, the building abuts onto the neighbouring building then gradually tapers forward; it has a graceful, vertical outline. The side blocks are clad in golden aluminium panels whose distortions give the façades an angular relief that plays with the light. When all the window shutters are closed, the continuity and unity of the material are entire; when the residents open them, the vivid colours of the window frames appear, like an exuberant lining alternating flashes of pink, mauve and orange.