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February 14, 2011

1Bligh Street | Architectus + Ingenhoven Architects

Extending the ideas Architectus proposed in the Stage 1 DA, the proposal has been developed with three critical considerations: the View, the Public Space, and the Work Environment.The ViewThe corner of Bligh and Bent Streets strongly marks the main address for the building. The elliptical form aligns with the grid to the north and is oriented to the harbour, maximising views and creating premium office space and a quality work environment.The Public SpaceThe reduced building footprint creates a significant new public space for Sydney that allows deep soil landscaping and extends Farrer Place.

Broad curving steps rise to the sheltered wintergarden and provide an ideal place to sit in the sun and appreciate the full expanse of Farrer Place and the heritage buildings of the Education and Lands Department.

The Work Environment

The Work Environment is designed around the principles of ESD, flexibility, efficiency, communication and transparency.

The sustainability strategies proposed achieve a 5-star ABGR and the highest ESD standards. A fully shaded double skin facade provides excellent Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ).

The structure delivers consistent large floor plates of up to 1600 m2 and achieves 92% efficiency Nett Lettable Area to Floor Space Area. 40% of office space is within 4.5 m of the façade with 1000 m2 contiguous column free space creating high potential for office layout flexibility. The elliptical plan is 12% more efficient than a rectangular building in façade to floor area and allows excellent natural light penetration. The atrium makes dynamic views accessible to all.

The building is set to create a new benchmark in Australia for sustainable high rise and provide an enduring presence attuned to emerging cultural, social and environmental concerns.

Project summary

  • Client
    DEXUS Property Group/Cbus Property
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Floor area
    42 700 m²
  • Completed
    May 2011
  • Original value
  • Contact
    Ray Brown


  • DEXUS/City of Sydney design competition winner 

Australia’s most ecological high rise office tower stands proud in Sydney

1 Bligh office tower, designed by ingenhoven architects + architectus, was inaugurated by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard last week. The architects were commissioned to design this tower in the centre of Sydney, Australia in 2006 as the result of an international design competition by the client, the Dexus Property Group.But the prominence and prestige of this 28-storey tower lies not only in its formidable size and design, but in its evident commitment to environmental sustainability. The $670 million building received the highest score in the Australian Green Star standard, a 6 Star/World Leadership certification, and is hence the first office tower in Sydney to get this rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).Its light and airy appearance is achieved by an atrium as tall as the tower itself, which offers natural daylighting and allows for natural ventilation of the offices and balconies that face in towards it.

With glass elevators running up and down the atrium, routine journeys to and from the workplace are transformed into exciting visual and spatial experiences. The shape of the building itself is derived from view corridors and solar orientation, and the transparent office building with its elliptical floor plan offers unobstructed views of the world-famous Harbour Bridge of Sydney.

A public plaza complements the opposite Farrer Place to create one of downtown Sydney’s most attractive urban spaces. A large grand staircase and the first floor are open to the public and two new cafes and a Kindergarten in the building help to animate the space.

There is also an outdoor terrace with a harbour view at the transfer-level in the 15th floor as well as a large rooftop terrace at the 28th floor, providing a unique spot to enjoy the sights of Sydney.

Its environmental credentials are as impressive as its scenic views. The tower is the first in Australia to have a double skin facade and to use natural ventilation, while the energy system combines cooling, heating and electric power generation (Tri-Generation) and a vacuum tube solar collector that produces electricity on site. Because water is an especially precious resource in Australia, 1 Bligh has its own filtration plant in the basement, capable of cleansing more waste water than the building actually produces. As a result, more waste water from the public sewage system is used, cleaned and brought back to the cycle.

300 safe parking spots for bikes (complete with shower) make the environmentally-friendly commute to the building easy and complete the ecological profile of the building.

1 Bligh has been awarded the 2011 Asia Pacific Property Award and the International Architecture Award already before completion.

Amongst the most noteworthy buildings that ingenhoven architects have designed are the RWEtower in Essen, the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt, the European Investment bank in Luxembourg and the new Headquarters of the Swarovski Corporation in Zurich. Currently they are working on a cluster of high-rise buildings in Singapore, the new Headquarters of the HDI-Gerling Insurance in Hanover and the new high-speed railway station in Stuttgart. Only recently the office was commissioned to design the new Google Headquarters in California. ingenhoven architects have won many awards for their designs including the Global Holcim Award, the European Architecture Award and the RIBA International Award.

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