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November 7, 2011

Culture Yard | AART Architects

Architects: AART Architects
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Adam Mørk

AART architects is a Danish architectural firm which, with roots in the Nordic architectural tradition, works with the community as a value-creating element. This applies to both the development work, where we pro- mote innovation through knowledge sharing and inter-disciplinary collaboration, and to the finished building, where the architecture is designed in a dialogue with the context and expresses a form of social cohesion.

Our mission is to give meaning and intimacy to everyday life by creating sensuous architecture, where each user feels that the architecture speaks to them. Our aim, therefore, is to always achieve the highest architectural quality, which stems from a nuanced insight into each project’s potential with functional and exciting spaces for social communities as our goal.

In order to lead the development of responsible and innovative architecture, we have engaged in several re- search and development projects over the years. In this way, we have built up extensive knowledge of materials, technology and user requirements, which, combined with our organizational strength in financial and project management, provides us with a stable platform for developing the architecture of tomorrow.

By extension, we have organized the company into four interdisciplinary research teams: Integrated Design, Green Design, Health Design and Value Design. The four research teams form a common thread in our professional development and give added value to each project by challenging standard approaches and developing new methods and processes in the fields of design, energy and environmental optimization, health- promoting architecture and innovative value-creation.

As architects, we make our living from the human factor in the form of creativity, innovation and collaboration. Our most important resource is therefore our dedicated and competent employees, who, by combining evidence-based studies with a nuanced empathy, develop beautiful, attentive and functional solutions. We therefore place great importance on an employee-driven corporate culture, which is embodied in the four research teams that motivate knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration.

As a member of Global Compact, we contribute to pro- moting sustainable development by actively supporting the UN’s 10 principles for social responsibility.

Text provided by AART Architects