CR 16 Office And Residential Building | BLK2 Architekten

Architects: BLK2 Architekten
Location: Caffamacherreihe 16, 20355 , Germany
Completion: 2010
Client: CR sechzehn Hamburg GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
Gross floor area: 41.387 sqm (35.216 qm office / 6.171 qm residential property)
Project Team: Peter Lehmann, Martin Sieckmann, Annette Niethammer,
Michaela Bluhm, Michael Gutena, Hannes Beinhoff.
Photographs: Klaus Frahm / Artur Images

The strong unity of the surrounding perimeter blocks in the city of Hamburg as well as the dominating existing Unileverhaus frame the combined office and residential development with strong urban and architectural presence. The design embraces these contradicting conditions by using a calm figure developed out of the perimeter block structure for the office building. The radically minimalist and modern architecture exposes its urban face to the Caffamacherreihe.

An elongated elegant overhanging part of the structure appears in a sectional profile as part of a frameless glazing double facade. Around this glass section wraps a band of anodized aluminiumsheets in brass. The facade is divided in story high, vertical strips of glass and closed panels with integrated blades. By minimally varying the width of each panel a surprising dynamic and irritation in the percipience of the absolute plane and elegant façade is created.

The residential building steps in between the existing Deutschlandhaus and the new office building CR 16, as a strong sculpture.

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