Office building ZAC Seguin – Boulogne Billancourt | ECDM Architects

program: development of the BIA building in Seguin oriented tertiary
client: Nexity
location: Keystone Area, ZAC Seguin – Boulogne Billancourt (92)
area: 60,000 sq.m.
Cost: M €
Contest: 2011

The Grand Landscape

The emerging realization of a point, a building that extends above the canopy Boulonnais is an opportunity to rethink the relationship of the new neighborhood of Keystone with the Grand Landscape. This punctuation highlights the metropolitan character of the site by generating a tracking device distance. Its status, its dimension and the values ​​it carries, the Trapezium is a singular territory constituting the Greater Paris. The site is emblematic of the changes that have transformed our industrial cities, these paradigm shifts that have enabled the implementation of a highly complex environment taking into account the needs of a postmodern society now. Therefore, the vertical to be introduced should allow to give clear expression of a territory where the organization defines a living thought of as a delicate balance between mineral and plant, between full and empty nesting complexity of a dense area and attractive. Our proposals were designed as single elements of an urban mixed, composite, where the residential, commercial and green spaces are one unit. The wide open spaces of the Seine Valley as detailed outlook released on the Keystone-through an extensive park, paths, a rack fragmented islands organized around delivering open a horizontal reading of the register and tense urban . There is in our projects a horizontal component which is fit assertive, delineate the boundaries of the park and accompany the banks of the Seine and emergences, punctuation considered in resonance with other highlights of the loop of the river such as the tower horizons or verticals coming of Seguin Island.

Valley of the Seine is in crossing the Grand Paris, punctuated by towers. One thinks of Defense, the Front de Seine, the Eiffel Tower, the neighborhood of the Gare de Lyon, and many other architectural interventions scattered on the linear river, river geography and landscape favoring emergences. In the landscape of Boulogne near the river, it seemed essential that the collusion between the settling elements beyond the general template of the neighborhood. Both projects are designed in conjunction with a skyline own site. The context here is both the district and the Grand Landscape. We thought our projects as entities in resonance with existing emergences: Horizons Tower, head of the Pont de Sevres, emergences coming as those provided on the Ile Seguin. These three entities form a triangle, the project has taken an angle, one end.Therefore, it is proposing a center of gravity and a volumetric principle of gradation that establish a link with the template of buildings erected along the quay and a complicity with the prow of the Ile Seguin.

Based on this fact, we moved the center of gravity of our projects to the northwest of the plot to establish a link with the buildings along the quay, but especially not to generate an effective leader that falls directly competes with that of Seguin Island. Indeed, the prow of the Ile Seguin legitimacy geographical leaving no room for what would be a de facto substitute. The shape of the plot, this triangle does not constitute a rounded bow itself, any analogy to skippers would be fortuitous. Besides a trapezoid does not bow. Therefore our projects have been designed to allow the framing of views and perspectives, implementing, at the junction of the park and pier, a watershed landscape. Program requirements have led us to design two projects of different nature, structured by two distinct approaches to ensure the safety of persons and property. Refuting any formal a priori, we chose to develop two projects, two concepts structured by two regulatory options to organize the height.


The specific demand for building height as an accumulation of reference planes under the accessibility of ways to fight against the fire has led us to ask ourselves how the various project components can be superimposed to generate a deployment planning. Rejecting any idea of ​​making some infra-structural elements, any road or rail, any exogenous element in the very nature of a commercial building, we offer a project conceived as the deployment of a territory in a logical landscape. Like a modern-day Babylon, it is built on the building, living roofs, give them a use value. This is a project tectonics, origami where the territory is pleated in successive plans. The base is considered as a topographic event, an inclined stratum, a garden made in successive plans. Extrusion perfect plot, perfectly defines the base in the island keeps strictly within the alignments and templates islands that line the shore. At the end of the tip, the volume rises to pinch a privileged view of the park. On this base is placed a cube levitating at the base truncated by the topography of the base. The volumes are articulated by hyphens, landscaped by strata – the interfaces between plant and mineral. This cube is perforated in the center by a large patio across the entire project of 89 m high.This device provides a reading against the light volume and highlights the lightness of the volume. The whole is surmounted by a greenhouse, large vertical garden that comes complete in a phasing, the verticality. The slenderness ratio that characterizes the towers is not appropriate here, the height limited to 89 m leads us to emphasize other qualities of the height.

Turn induces an authoritarian values ​​and guns: density, compactness, rationality. Without denying these obvious qualities and capabilities to meet specific expectations of the program, our project and reinterprets them in complex architectural oxymorons. It’s about being compact and light, dense, slender, streamlined and composite. Our project is built with the desire to escape the formal fatalities related to verticality to develop this expanded notion of landscape, when we can see and be seen far away. Therefore the facade had to be both limits, alignment, constitutive of urbanity, and also landscaped element, vertical landscape made of solids and voids, foregrounds and depth of field similar to a filter, a sheer, architecture and move towards a more tenuous the possible when it comes to staging a lifestyle rather than a building. The specificity of the request allows us to offer you a highly specific project, atypical, to rethink the height as a formal point of view that in the uses and values ​​that this proposal allows.

A vertical open

It is therefore a vertical open for an accessible building designed on the principle of an organization that induces a connection with the innovative environment. The building pops out of the soil gradually, mindful of its roots, what is the basis of its innervation. It rises gently as an invitation to travel by a circuitous route. The terraces spin, the full and empty intermingle. As it rises, the construction becomes lighter, more transparent, wide terraces generate porosities between inside and outside. At the top of the last 20 meters, the mineral disappears almost completely in favor of a large garden suspended vertically extended. Without imitation it offers strong connivance with the tower Horizons, a marker of the other end of the Trapezium. We propose a building consisting of three parts: a base, and one was a hanging garden, a three-step gradation of the mineral to the lightness and abstraction.

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