Lexington Park Condominiums, Chicago | VOA Associates

VOA Associates completes mixed-use high rise condominium development in Chicago’s South Loop


Lexington Park is a mixed-use high rise condominium and retail development in the South Loop area of Chicago. The building stands 387 feet tall, with 35 storeys, located across from McCormick Place to the southeast and Michigan Avenue to the west. The site connects multiple neighbourhoods, commercial South Michigan Boulevard, South Loop residential, McCormick Place Convention Complex and the Burnham Park system east of Lake Michigan. 320 condominiums, 400 car parking and ground floor retail make up the building, with unit types from loft style to larger bedroom units with lake views.

The residential building blends with the neighbourhood, relating to the McCormick Place complex and adding vitality to existing pedestrian-heavy neighbourhoods. The building transitions between city and neighbourhood scale through a small loft building next to a tall tower with lake views. The parking structure along south Michigan Avenue is concealed, enhancing the pedestrian experience. The complex ‘floats’ above the retail, and creates a cohesive visual identification with the neighbourhood.

Between the loft and tower, a roof terrace creates open space for the residents and brings a park into the middle of the complex. Common rooms for socialising and fitness open onto the terrace. Lexington Park greets the visitor entering the city from the Stevenson Expressway to the south. It identifies a boundary from a distance and connects neighbourhoods creating a better urban experience for the city of Chicago.



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