mclaren production centre | foster + partners

‘mclaren production center’ by foster + partners, surrey, england
image © mclaren
all images courtesy of foster + partners

london-based architecture firm foster + partners have officially completed the mclaren production center, the second building designed for the company
located by the rural fringe of london. the 34,5000 square meter facility will contain all future mclaren road vehicles. the assembly plant is a state-of-the-art production space which is connected to the existing technology center via an underground walkway which exhibits interactive installations.
both buildings share a common language in architectural details and materials with aluminum cladding tubes and a circular glass drum
mimicked beneath the overhang of the roof canopy.

the new structure is designed for efficiency and sustainability. the lower levels use the excavated soil from the site to conceal itself from the nearby
road carving itself into the landscape. the roof collects rainwater and has the ability to have photovoltaic panels integrated in the future.
the space is flexible in comparison to other modern manufacturing facilities with a wide span between columns and ceramic flooring.
acting more like an operation theater than a factory, the linear organization follows the flow of the production line showcasing the technology
of the plant and the system of networks where the components are delivered, assembled, painted, tested and finally detailed.

carved facility into landscape
image © mclaren

the site will be the location of the recently-launched MP4-12C high-performance sports car, house all activities related to the
manufacturing of the vehicle. built for speed the facility will be able to produce and build the product in 5 days at peak performance
with a new car joining the line every 45 minutes. leading to a creation of a large number of skilled manufacturing jobs in the community.

assembly station
image © nigel young

‘the mclaren production centre is a further leap forward in the evolution of industrial buildings, both socially and in terms of working
conditions and technologically in its flexibility and the sophistication of its services integration. the scale and grandeur of the main hall
is a fitting complement to the purity of the mclaren cars, which will emerge from its production line.’  

– lord foster, founder and chairman, foster + partners –

assembly line
image © nigel young

production floor
image © nigel young

MP4-12C high performance sports car
image © nigel young

car frame being assmbled
image © nigel young

appliation of body to frame
image © nigel young

final inspection of MP4-12C
image © nigel young

final manufactured product
image © nigel young

site plan
image © foster + partners

image © foster + partners

image © foster + partners

image © foster + partners

elevation / section
image © foster + partners

image © foster + partners

image © foster + partners

project info:

dates: 2009-2011
foster + parnters team: norman foster, david nelson, nigel dancey,
iwan jones, dominik hauser, nina linde, chris johnstone, kathleen mark, nicholas papas
client: mclaren group
structural + civil geothermic, fire, acoustics, CDM: buro happold
services and environmental consultant: PHA consult
landscape architect planning consultant: terence o’rourke
quantity surveyor: gardiner + thebold
gross area: 34, 500 square meters
external plant area: 620 square meters
building height: 6.6 meters
building length: 200 meters
building width: 100 meters
length of tunnel: 100 meters
number of levels: 2

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