Greenland Zhengzhou Towers | Brininstool, Kerwin+Lynch

The Greenland  are unbuilt towers designed by Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch in 2010.  According to the architect description, the unique forms are “rooted in cultural influence, in which the massing is identifiable with the mountain formations found outside of Zhengzhou. The expression is balanced between historical symbolism and contemporary innovation.”

With an area that exceeds 6.5million square feet, this massive mixed-development was proposed to house a variety of programs, including office space and a five-star boutique hotel that occupies the top floors of the shorter tower on the south site.  BKL was involved with the design of the complex on all scales, from the site considerations the lighting design of the hotel units.  In addition to the typical hotel amenities afforded by luxury hotels (ballrooms, lap pools, spa, fitness center, etc.), the complex is decidedly Eastern, with meditation gardens and outdoor terraces.

The tower is constructed of  and steel with a glazed curtain wall system.  The dynamic frame is complemented by the light and delicate skin, which alternates between low-e vision glass, opaque spandrel glass, and metal scrims.  This approach, in addition to light shelf usage and southern-facing PV panels, are huge components of BKL’s proposed sustainability strategy.  The building was to rely primarily on passive strategies of harnessing and shielding the sun for energy savings.  In addition to addressing the various proposed occupancy types, this also capitalizes on the sweeping views of Zhengzhou and capture necessary daylight.

Architect: Brininstool, Kerwin, & Lynch
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Brininstool, Kerwin, & Lynch


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