Google HQ | Ingenhoven Architects

Google to Build Headquarters in Mountain View Google Mountain View © Ingenhoven Architects

The rise of Google Inc. Is a phenomenal success story that has just begun. More than 80% of all searches world-wide are done using Google. The growth of the company is mirrored in the growth of the Google Campus in Mountain View/California, the Headquarters of Google on Charleston Park. Google is proud of its corporate culture and offers attractive workplaces in order to attract the best talents from all over the world. Google wants to build a showcase sustainable building. On the adjacent site between Charleston Road and Shoreline Boulevard a large new building will be built for Google. The site demands a building with autarkic geometry. As part of an international selection process ingenhoven architects won the commission to design the new HQ. The client’s brief was simple: It should be the best and „greenest” building in the world! The new building will be home for 2.500-3.000 engineers and scientists as well as the Headquarters. The Google Headquarters is the first project for ingenhoven architects in the US and Google builds for itself for the first time. Google‘s success depends on engineers, inventors mathematicians, IT-experts and scientists of all kinds. The building should reflect their different approaches and enhance convenience and productivity. The building will be „lively, fresh, simple and flexible” and offer healthy, communicative and effective workplaces and have „buzz“. The architecture is an expression of the „corporate culture” and at the same time a model for sustainable architecture in the broadest sense surpassing the LEED-Platinum-Standards with its holistic concept. Construction will start in 2012.


ingenhoven architects

Local architect

MEP/Civil Engineering
Glumac and Sandis

Glumac and DS-Plan

Structral Engineering
Magnusson Klemencic and Werner Sobek Ingenieure

Facade design and special structures
Werner Sobek Ingenieure

Davis Langdon

Facade Access
Lerch Bates

Kitchen and Food
RAS Design Group

Signage and Graphics
ingenhoven architects

Landscape architecture
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Rick Unvarsky

Light design

Traffic and Parking
Fehr & Peers and IPD

Edgett Williams Cons. Group

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Fire Protection
The Fire Consultants

Glumac- Charles Saulter

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