midi station in Brussels | Atelier jean Nouvel AJN

midi station by jean nouvel located in brussels, belgium
image © ateliers jean nouvel

french architect jean nouvel has unveiled the preliminary design for the midi station renovation project located in brussels, belgium.
the proposed buildings will transform the existing railway station into a symbolic destination for travelers while simultaneously
announcing their arrival to the capital city of both belgium and the european union.

view from the esplanade de l’europe
image © 
ateliers jean nouvel

a 550 meter long facade comprised of retail, offices and a conference center will border the heavily frequented avenue fonsny at ground level.
the exterior will be clad with orange hued panels while visible vegetation accent multiple staggered roof terraces. the distinctive v-shaped silhouette
emerges from the elongated base generating a prominent urban landmark. the extensive glass curtain wall will envelope the angled facades reflecting
the lively and continuous train activity into the surrounding landscape creating a dynamic urban mirror.

view from the avenue paul henri spaak day
image © ateliers jean nouvel

view from the docks
image © ateliers jean nouvel

view at the foot of building v
image © jean nouvel

view from the center of brussels
image © ateliers jean nouvel

view from the avenue paul henri spaak night
image © ateliers jean nouvel

ground plan
image © ateliers jean nouvel

elevation south on avenue fonsny
image © ateliers jean nouvel

partial elevation avenue fonsny
image © ateliers jean nouvel



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