Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Headquarters | ksp-architekten

Firm embarks upon first construction project in Hanoi with high-rise commercial tower

Today the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Headquarters was held in Hanoi. The Cement Industry Corporation’s head office is the first project for Jürgen Engel’s architectural studio in Vietnam to be built. The new premises for the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation, which is comprised of a five-storey pedestal building and an approximately 135m high tower, emerged as the victor in a competition as early as April 2008.

Located directly next to the expressway to the airport, the 31-storey office tower for the Cement Industry Corporation will be a distinctive point of reference in the west of the capital Hanoi. Large windows enter into tense interplay with the lamella limestone façade surrounding the entire complex. In addition to limestone’s importance as a raw material for the cement industry, its use in the design of the exterior sheath makes reference to the nearby limestone cliffs in Halong Bay.

The entrance to the office tower on the expressway leads visitors into a spacious reception area. From the five-storey lobby, visitors can reach the offices on the upper floors directly by elevators in the access core. In addition to the head office of the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation on the top 16 floors the tower also contains flexible rented office space on the floors below (level 6-14). Furthermore, the five-storey pedestal building, which is accessed through another entrance in the north, features restaurants, entertainment and conference halls.

On this first Vietnamese assignment KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten is cooperating with local subcontractors VNCC for the technical design and German Iproplan for the engineering, mechanical equipment and electricity.

“After realising cultural important edifices in China like the National Library of China, Beijing and the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum in Nanjing we are happy that with the new Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Headquarters in Hanoi we are able to build our first project for a for a private client in Vietnam“ says Johannes Reinsch, managing partner KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten international.


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