Fashion Hotel and Bridge | Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge Courtesy of Ivan Filipovic

Fashion Hotel and Bridge site plan

Fashion Hotel and Bridge elevation and plans

Fashion Hotel and Bridge longitudinal section

Fashion Hotel and Bridge description

Fashion Hotel and Bridge drawing

Live life for every moment, outreach sensations, inhale fully, and go forward with speed. There can only be one place where people can be aware of this transience, and  is just that! Life, it lives the speed of light and brilliance, always new and undiscovered, requires constant innovation. This complex project, by , is just this: Forms that heighten one’s sensations, where lights and functionality can only be understood by someone who lives a prestigious blend of pragmatism and lasting gratification. The combination of profitable operation and enjoyment of consumption is clearly targeted and a focused effort that leaves no doubts as to the meaning of zeal and pleasure.

Metal construction of skyscrapers and airy, elusive glass reflects the availability of work and life style, efficiency and profits. Skyscrapers reflect a value orientation of glamour and fashion, to see and be seen, judged by experienced. Most of the tower core is structurally demanding to capture functionality. In the literal sense of the picturesque design, it combines work and home, leading from the heart rhythm of the holiday park and charging.

The programming task requires the prediction of a multi-purpose tower with its base and 5 floors and 60 floors above. Also with the design of the building, participants are expected to propose a solution to urban space in the immediate vicinity of the site. We approached the design guidelines respecting the program, (we emphasize “guidelines” because the guidelines, by definition, does not mean “obligation”, but a “recommendation” and not binding), but the solution to the broader context in the immediate nearby.Namely, for that location, we performed several studies that propose covering the exit ramp Battery Park tunnel and the introduction of publicly accessible space above that would be connected to Battery Park, and that would create a new heart of Greenwich south.

As in the case of a survey competition, we decided to cover these ramps and tunnels and link Battery Park with the newly planned construction. An aggravating circumstance in the programming task was the planned Seaside road that would connect Joseph Ward Street (west of the plot) and Edgar Street (east), which would divide the building plot by almost two halves. Also, the design demanded the maximum distance from the building to the north, although it is leaning on the edge of the building plots. In this way, satisfying all the project demands was a challenge.

There was a need for a decision between alternatives cancellation of the poor infrastructural newly planned road through the parcel, or variants of the road at the expense of building plots, and thus the freedom of design. The second option was accepted because the newly planned road is essential to the urban context, from which emerged an architectural design constructional solutions facility.

The main entrance to the tower is on the first floor above road level, but there is a series of secondary and farm inputs to ground level including the drop off area hotel, entrance to the garage, and emergency exit. Although the complex at first glance looks complicated, there is a very rational and rigorous design of whole buildings. The architecture is that its shape follows the shape of the plot provided a relatively thin construction that offers a high quality facade, which, from any part of the building ensures a quality and impressive office space with the surrounding skyline. Such architectural design has high potential value to this very attractive part of to give the premier business and cultural area value and tourist attraction.

The fashion bridge was designed to create a reason to come and a reason to stay, to create an icon that will establish a new identity and sense of place. Due to the program task of the fashion design hotel, retail and bars as well as many other facilities, a sense of socio-cultural character is needed. The above solution covering the ramps proposed a tunnel construction bridge that connects the tower to Battery Park. The bridge is called Fashion Bridge and the content is filled with these social and cultural amenities, as well as fashion stores which can be accessed from a central promenade.

Specifically, 7th Avenue in , also called Fashion Street, stretches from Central Park to the south. Although its earlier ending goes straight to our location, the newly planned resort, with an emphasis on the Fashion Bridge continues these avenues and the street fashion, which ultimately connects Central Park in the middle of  and battery park on the south. With this design, the complex structure was obtained with a very clear attitude about customers, whether it be on the visitors who walk around the promenade on the bridge with supporting commercial, social and cultural amenities, or users who live and work in it.


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