Project details:
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Type: Cultural – Public – Competition Entry
Architects: JDS Architects – www.jdsarchitects.com
Size: 15,900 = 8100 + 7,800(underground parking)M2
Type: Open competition
Client: Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Culture
Budget: 20,000,000 USD
Status: Settled

The Beirut house of arts and culture is a simple cube of 40 by 40 by 40 meters placed on a hill site in down town Beirut.
The site is excavated to permit to have the desired connections and avoid unnecessary adjacency. The south side is accessible from the road, and so is the north side that acts as main entrance to the building. The required program is within the building envelope and is excavated in 3 places to provide public spaces. The concept of the facility is to let the visitor go through the building in an ‘outdoor’ climate. The working and performance rooms are all climatized to the required level but there’s the option of, especially in tempered evenings, appreciate the real outdoor climate while strolling in and out of the controlled zones.



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