Situated in a prominent location within the Lu Jia Zui commercial and financial district of Shanghai’s Pudong, this landmark new tower sits next to Jin Mao and the World Finance Tower. It over looks the Yang-Pu River and therefore highly visible along the Pudong skyline directly from the Bund. At 180m it exudes elegance, refinement and a contemporary aesthetic whilst providing Grade-A office space with an environmentally sensitive design.
The Building footprint responds to the boundary requirements by breaking down the built volumes programmatically into two wedge-shaped entities: A glazed atrium separates the tower from the lowrise; the atrium and the lowrise are staggered volumetrically away from the Towers north-west façade.
The design incorporated environmental strategies (construction and materials) to lessen the impact of solar heat gain during the summer and to limit heat loss through the building envelope during the winter. An isolation analysis was undertaken to establish which façades incur the maximum solar exposure over the year. Optimising city and river views on the North sides whilst minimizing glare required a façade design composed of large areas of glazing with vertical fins that use a surface frit to shade the interior.

2004-2009Client : Gaopeng (Shanghai)

Real Estate DevelopmentLocation : Shanghai

Area : 8,128 m2 / GFA 70,000 m2

Sky garden

Project Name
BEA Financial Tower
66 Garden Shiqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
January 2009
Site Area
8,128 m2
Gross Floor Area
70,000 m2
Building Height
180 metres; 40 storeys
Gaopeng (Shanghai) Real Estate Development Co. Ltd
Architecture Firm
TFP Farrells Limited
Local Design Institute
East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd. (ECADI)
Main Contractor
Shanghai 7th Construction Company Limited
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Civil & Structural Engineer
TFP Farrells Ltd. (Sketch, renderings and drawings); Paul Dingman (Photos)


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