University of Twente Campus buildings | Arons en Gelauff Architecten

991471943_cp009474 Campagneplein

666793647_cl009354 Calslaan

1950918725_cl009375 Calslaan

806827628_cl009519 Calslaan

1312441127_cl009528-1 Calslaan

1796343541_cl009567 Calslaan

1140007014_cp009421 Campagneplein

1364566669_cp009484 Campagneplein

2045110606_cp009504 Campagneplein

54470208_cp009568 Campagneplein

065CL-100 Model (1) Calslaan ground floor plan

T:�65-CAMPUSUTWENTE�65-500�65CP-500�65CP-550 D (2) (1) Calslaan apartment plan

1116718511_second-floor-plan Campagneplein second floor plan

907646949_ninth-floor-plan Campagneplein ninth floor plan

T:�65-CAMPUSUTWENTE�65-500�65CP-500�65CP-531.dwg 065CP-531 ( Campagneplein elevation

T:�65-CAMPUSUTWENTE�65-500�65CP-500�65CP-570-4 21v (1) Campagneplein detail

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