WTC 3 | Richard Rogers classic industrial

175 Greenwich Street – Proposed WTC Tower # 3 – by Richard Rogers

Images thanks to STR on Wired New York forum.

The X elements on the facade of WTC3 wil be lit up at night by LED lamps- with changing colors.Designs for the former World Trade Center site were unveiled at a press conference in New York by developer Larry Silverstein and officials from the Port Authority. Richard Rogers Partnership’s design for 175 Greenwich Street – identified as ‘Tower 3’ in Studio Daniel Libeskind’s Masterplan for the redevelopment of the former WTC site – is located on a site bounded by Greenwich Street to the west, Church Street to the east, Dey Street to the north and Courtlandt Street to the south. RRP’s tower is at the core of the various buildings around the proposed WTC Memorial and Cultural Center. The design of the tower addresses this central position and accentuates the building’s verticality relative to the Memorial site.The tower will be 1,155 ft, with 71 storeys above street level and four below. The total gross area of 2.8 million sq ft will include two levels of retail space, five levels of trading space and 54 levels of office space. It is envisaged that the tower will consist of a central concrete core (steel encased in reinforced concrete) and an external structural steel frame which will be clad in stainless steel.,6,12,1239


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