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[sha-01-l © Morphosis

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exploded_diagram Exploded diagram © Morphosis

siteplan Site plan © Morphosislevel_-1 Basement plan © Morphosis

level1 First level plan

level2 2nd level plan © Morphosis

sections4 Sections 4 © Morphosis

sections3 Sections 3 © Morphosis

sections2 Sections 2 © Morphosis

sections Sections 1 © Morphosis

Morphosis Architects is currently completing a massive project in : The Headquarters and offices for Giant Group, including residence for the chairman & all Giant Group employees, hotel, training center and clubhouse, with a total of 258,300 sqf (23,996 sqm).

Thom Mayne’s architecture has pushed building techniques in order to take his organics form to reality, and I think that the best way to understand his projects is not through renders or even drawings, but by watching the structure and the construction progress.

The Giant Campus project is a compact village that accommodates diverse functions in a flexible framework of forms that move in and out of a folded landscape plane. Situated amid existing canals and a new man made lake, the undulating office building interacts with an augmented ground plane, joining architecture to landscape and environment to site. The East Campus office building contains three zones: open, non-hierarchical office space; private offices, and executive suites, which cantilever dramatically over the lake. Additional program is integrated into the lifted landscape, including a library, an auditorium, an exhibition space, and a café on the east campus. On the West Campus, additional program space-submerged below an expansive, undulating green roof- includes a pool, a multi-purpose sports court, and additional relaxation and fitness spaces for employees. The landform culminates to the west at a company guest hotel where glass-floored private bedroom suites project over a wildlife pond.

Several plazas, carved from the landscape, provide outdoor break and recreational spaces for employees. At the south edge of the campus, a pedestrian plaza steps down to the water’s edge in a continuous outdoor walkway that provides pedestrian access to the lake. The main circulation spine, an enclosed walkway located outboard of the office building, bridges over the street connecting the east and west campuses.

A range of features on the project maximize both energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The West Campus’s landscaped green roof provides thermal mass that limits the heat gain and reduces cooling expenditures. The façade’s double skin and insulated glass curtain wall minimize solar heat gain and improve overall efficiency. The central circulation spine, along with the recreational amenities and plazas provide opportunities for chance encounters and places for employees to gather without the confines of cubicles or unnecessary divisions. The narrow profile of the office building combined with a system of skylights ensure that employees have continuous access to natural daylight.


Project Manager:
Tim Christ
Paul Gonzales

Project Architect:
Hann-Shiuh Chen
Mario Cipresso
Ted Kane

Project Designer:
Leonore Daum

Project Team: Patrick Dunn-Baker
Andrew Batay-Csorba
Marty Doscher
Graham Ferrier
Chris Herring
Debbie Lin
Kristina Loock
Yichen Lu
Scott Severson
Mohamed Sharif
Suzanne Tanascaux
Chris Warren

Project Assistant:
Adam Bressler
Soohyun Chang
Guiomar Contreras
Laura Foxman
Joe Justus
Michelle Siu Lee
Hugo Martinez
Mark McPhie
Kyle Coburn
Brock Hinze
Sunnie Lau
Greg Neudorf
Christin To
Jose Vargas
Dana Viquez
Mike Patterson
Nutthawut Piriyaprakob
Aleksander Tamm-Seitz

Structural Engineer: Bao Ye, MAA Engineers, Thornton Tomasetti Group, Inc.
Design Institute: Moh and Associates Inc
Electrical Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineers, MAA Engineers
Mechanical Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineers, MAA Engineers
Interior Design: Morphosis
Landscape Designer: SWA Group
General Contractor:  Construction Third Engineering Bureau
Local Architect: SURV


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