Roller Shades FR / Hunter Douglas Contract

When selecting  for a project, both beauty and performance are key factors that come into play. Roller Shades, one of Hunter Douglas’ most succesfull products, provides a complete, and elegant, solution for controlling light and glare. Simple and versatile, distinctive yet cost-effective, this line includes scores of decorative and performance fabrics mounted on high-quality hardware, with manual operators or motorization.

For over 80 years, Hunter Douglas Contract has provided architects and designers all over the world with innovative . With major operation centers in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia, Hunter Douglas products are available to offices, government buildings, schools and other public institutions all around the world.


Roller Shades FR

Key Features

– Wide selection of fabrics – FR rated, light filtering, and more – as well as a variety of fascia and valances
– Chain-drive clutch operating system allows precise control to help ensure a uniform look
– Require little mounting space and are nearly invisible when closed
– Room-darkening fabrics, plus side and bottom channels for A/V applications
– Other options include reverse roll, motorization, and switch/remote control
– Adjustable bottom rod weights allow easy manual adjustment to prevent fabric from telescoping
– Backed by Hunter Douglas Contract limited lifetime warranty

Roller Shades FR

Product Details

Mechanism: Manual continuous loop with clutch, electric motorization.
Fabrics: 25 types & 250 colors (manual), 5 types & 110 colors (motorized), all FR. Openness factors: 0% to 23%
Width: 12″ to 144″ (manual, varies by fabric), 30″ to 144″ (motorized, varies by fabric). Larger sizes available.
Height: 12″ to 120″ (manual), 12″ to 144″ (motorized, may have visible seam). Larger sizes available.
Options: Color-coordinated trims, fascia, top and bottom covers, motorization, 4 clutch sizes, sealed pocket hem bar, dual shades, banded shades, extruded pockets, reverse roll.

Fabric Types


The selector above shows one example from each of the 27 fabric types Hunter Douglas Contract offers. You can go to the official website to see all fabrics available.

Manual Roller Shade Details



Motorized Roller Shade Details



Projects that used this product

Reflections at Bloomington Central / Product used: Motorized Roller Shades FR

1251152761-reflections1 1251152763-reflections2 1251152766-reflections3 1251152768-reflections4

Shanghai Shuguang Hospital / Product used: Roller Shades FR

1251152771-shanghai1 1251152773-shanghai2 1251152775-shanghai3 1251152778-shanghai4

This post is part of our ongoing effort to create a database of architectural products, a useful resource for all architects, with the help of our partners.

Hunter Douglas Contract is a business partner of ArchDaily.


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