Motorized External Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas

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This month, we would like to introduce Motorized External Roller Shades, a great product from the  line of Hunter Douglas Contract.

Nysan  provide excellent control of glare and thermal gain. ’s high-performance exterior fabrics – including PVC-free GreenScreen® Tek-Screen fabric – remain colorfast, resist damage from water and heat, remain dimensionally stable, and are resistant to rot.  can be controlled by switch or automated control system. Heavy-duty headrails, bottom rails, and side guides are engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Key Features

– Attractive headrail to protect the fabric (and motor) in the raised position.
– Durable roller tube incorporating the motor.
– Heavy-duty brackets, bottom rail, and side guides engineered to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
– Full motorization and automation available for raising, lowering, and adjusting the shade.

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Nysan external roller shades feature

– Very good protection against thermal gain and glare, with performance superior to internal window coverings.
– The ability to retract shades completely when not required.
– A wide variety of fabric colors, opennesses, and options to customize the aesthetics and performance of the shade.
– Integration with intelligent controls makes it possible to create an active shading solution on sun-facing elevations.
– Gravity drop roller shades, which resemble standard interior shades but feature specially designed operating mechanisms and fabrics.

System Description

Nysan  provide excellent control of glare and thermal gain.

A wide range of highly-performance are available. PVC-free GeenScreen® Tek-Screen fabrics are specifically produced for external use and are:

– Colorfast to light
– Resistant to the elements (rain, temperature variations, direct sunlight etc.)
– Dimensionally stable
– Resistant to rot

Fabric Selector






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