HC Sinus Slide Joint

he HC Sinus Slide joint enables shock free transfers between floor slabs


Our HC Sinus Slide joints make an 100% joint free floor possible. This joint has eliminated the cause of damage which occurs by the passing of the wheels of the forklifts. By traditional straight joints the wheels fall into the opening gap and the shocks will cause damage to joint, floor, forklifts, transported goods and risk the safety and the health of the forklifts drivers. With the HC Sinus Slide joint the wheels slide smoothly and noiseless from one floor slab to another without any vibrations or shocks. The market considers this unique product as a revolutionary total solution and a new age in industrial flooring technology.

The HC Sinus slide joint has been tested in a practical case by Toyota spare parts in Belgium. 42 million times the little hard wheels of the material handling equipment have passed the joints without any damage at all. Traditional reinforced joints in similar conditions are heavily damaged. Additional tests set up by Sirris (Belgian institute) have confirmed that the HC Sinus Slide joint enables vibration free transfers between different floor slabs and herewith respects the European directive 2002/44 regarding exposure of workers to whole body vibrations.

Until now the market has talked about joint free floor slabs. In fact this is misleading as the floor is joint less. The saw cuts are replaced by joint free slabs of maximum 1600 to 2000m² but there are still joints between the slabs. The bigger the floor slab the larger the opening gap of the joint will be. By reasons explained above these joints are still a critical factor in the floor and can cause heavy damage and continuous problems and frustrations. HC Sinus Slide has solved this problem and enables 100% joint free floor which was unknown until now.




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