henn architekten: new central business district, wenzhou

‘new central business district’ by henn architekten in wenzhou, china
all images courtesy henn architekten

berlin-based henn studioB, the design & research studio of henn architekten,
has been awarded first prize in the international competition to design the new
central business district in wenzhou, china. comprised of offices, a five star hotel,
commercial space and a public park, the five-tower development project offers
unrestricted views of the nearby ou jiang river.

fly-by aerial view

as one of today’s key international ports for the consumer goods industry in china,
wenzhou lies within a mountainous region of the zhejiang province where the
ou jiang river meets the east china sea. the design is influenced by the intricate
network of water and river delta found on the coastline. the interstitial space between
the towers are formed into an organic park landscape which opens towards the sea;
the green corridor leading out of the city continues across the site where it branches
out and forms an undulating terrain between the urban infrastructure and the riverfront.
on ground level, this man-made landscape merges with the form of the building,
simultaneously tracing the movement of the users.

offering numerous opportunities of open space, the rolling landscape forms inner courtyards,
broad pedestrian walkways, and urban parks. access is encouraged from all sides,
providing points of interaction between people and places.

landmark tower

office courtyard

central park

entrance to landmark tower

main entrance


night view

perspective by the river

master plan

long section

short section

images of river delta

project info:

client: wenzhou-oujian city development + construction commanding center
location: wenzhou, china
program: office, conference, hotel, retail, park
area: 400,000 m2
local partner: IPPR international engineering corporation
structural engineering & building services: IPPR international engineering corporation
design team: leander adrian, daniel da rocha, martin henn, ingrid hufnagl,
markus jacobi, klaus ransmayr, max schwitalla, xin wang, sun wei



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