Guosen Securities Tower / Massimiliano + Doriana Fuksas

fuksas-add fuksas-addfuksas02 fuksas02fuksas03 fuksas03fuksas01 fuksas01fuksas-add02 fuksas-add02fuksas04 fuksas04The latest project from Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas features a dramatic tower shaped by bold diagonal cuts.   The proposal was awarded first prized for the competition to design ’s  , and, typical of the  pair, the schematic design carries a strong presence with the shear mass of the volume broken down into a more manageable scale thanks to the three-dimensional voids.  The  tower will be the first ecological tall building to be built in .Edging past seven other firms, the winning proposal  explores new concepts in vertical public space within the structure and form of a tower.   Each void created by the zig-zagging slashes provides a public space amidst the floors of office spaces.The  main atrium void measures over 200 meters, bringing natural light to inner offices and marking the highest lobby in the city.The atrium displays the activities of the tower, remaining transparent for the city to observe. The internal network of public spaces are strategically placed to correspond with the urban context beyond the facade.

Project Information:

client: guosen securities co. ltd
project team manager: serena mignatti
project team members: guiseppe zaccaria, enrico falchetti, gabriele chiaretti
assistants: cristina fernandez, yinnon lehrer, yusuke nishimura, manuela petrucci
physical model: nicola cabiati (art director), frauke stenz, hilmi kamil dalkir
coordinators: fang tian, pablo garcia

structural engineers: general institute of architectural design and research
M&E engineering, sustainability: AI engineering

site area: 5,454.78 m2
height: 200 m


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