Bella Sky / 3XN

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Scheduled to open in May 2011, Bella Sky is just six months away from its anticipated debut in, Denmark. The spectacular hotel was designed by architects 3XN and dons a unique design that will certainly make it stand out in the  skyline. Read on for more images and information after the break.

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has developed a design that allows for an unconventional approach to hotel design.   The design restrictions of its vicinity to the airport limited the height to 75 meters, or 23 stories. Instead, two towers were developed to accomodate the client’s needs.  A 15 degree incline is incorporated into the two towers, allowing the designers to create a variation of 200 rooms, providing a unique and diverse hotel experience for the users. The two towers lean away from one another to provide each room with an unobstructed view of the city. The incline creates a 20 meter slope difference between the ground floor and the top floor, which required construction workers to undergo special training to abseil down the building and mount the façade.

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Operating as much more than a hotel, the building accommodates 814 rooms, 32 conference rooms, 3 restaurants, lounge, a sky bar and an 850 m2 wellness centre. The hotel will provide with a much needed extension to the Bella Centre Conference facilities and allow the city to accommodate and host international events in the future.

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The significance of Bella Sky has been recognized by the Danish Minister for Economic and Business Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen and  City Mayor, Frank Jensen for its contribution to the Ørestad region and  as a whole.

Client:  Congress Center/ Bella Center A/S
Award: 1. prize in invited competition 2006
Completion: 2011
Size: 42,000 m2
Rooms: 814
Budget: Each tower €37m
Project Team: Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Jan Ammundsen, Marie Hesseldahl Larsen, Maiken Schmidt Nielsen, Børge Motland, Svend Roald Jensen, Jørgen Søndermark, Bodil Nordstrøm, Anne Strandgaard, Jesper Brink Malmkjær, Martin Rejnholt Frederiksen, Stine de Bang, Kasper Hertz, Martin Jonsbak Nielsen, Mads Leth Jensen, Robin Vind Christiansen, Jakob Ohm Laursen, Thomas Bang Jespersen, Søren Nersting, Esther Bernhard Clemmensen, Anja Pedersen, Jens Martin Højrup, Turid Ohlsson, Anders Bak, Helle Westergaard, Noel Wibrand, Ida Linea Danielsson
Engineer: Ramboll


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