Ecotect Workshop


Nash Hurley from SHoP Architects led an Ecotect workshop at Ball State on September 28th and 29th. Ecotect is a complete building design and environmental analysis tool that covers a broad range of simulation and analysis functions for understanding how a building design will operate and perform sustainably. The two-day workshop consisted of a brief lecture about simulations tools in practice, demos and walk-throughs, and a self-directed, small design project which evolved through the analysis and optimization based on daylighting.

Nash Hurley came to SHoP Architects after receiving his Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley in 2005. Prior to his studies, Nash spent several years working for contractors and fabricators in California. Since joining SHoP, he has been instrumental in developing implementation strategies for BIM, while coordinating production on eight models across a variety of project scales. Nash is currently project architect and BIM coordinator on a 600,000 sf residential tower in New York City. This fall, Nash will enroll in the Product-Architecture and Engineering Lab at Stevens Institute of Technology where he will focus on links between environmental analysis and computational design. He plans to fold this research into his contributions to the design process at SHoP.


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