Dubai Pearl / Schweger Architects


ubai Pearl is a new residential and commercial development in Dubai situated in the newest part of the city with magnificent views to the Gulf, the Palm Island, and the Burj Al Arab. The complex has been designed to receive Gold LEED certification and to become a new landmark for the city.

The design is composed by five rectangular towers interconnected at the top level by a horizontal structure programed with public amenities. At ground level a series of low-rise commercial buildings allow a soft transition to the city and promotes the much needed pedestrian life. Palms, fountains, and shading structures are incorporated to create an oasis for the city.

ubai Pearl epitomizes the new Dubai – a dynamic, ecologically sustainable composition of high-rises, even as a symbol of diversity, unity and expediency. The design provides changing appearances in all directions, creating a sophisticated urban city.

The urban space in which the place for Dubai Pearl is embedded, is a space continuum with one independent urban areas and building structures. Therefore, this place needs a clear, single and clear definition. The place for Dubai Pearl is an urban fabric in this “island” surrounded by traffic.

The “island” rises from the urban conglomeration and develops a unique characteristic.

The composition of the tall buildings with their new typology is a far more powerful characters. This minimalism and clarity also make an analogy in the figurative sense of clarity and geometric properties of a pearl. This follows a philosophy shows that it is necessary and worthwhile to clarify basic concepts, to strip the proliferation of vague rhetoric and recurrent superficial and design standards and look for compression and complexity in simplicity.

The right to create and proposal for a “Living City” a place of urban living on the “island,” a prudent bypassing the need for scale and atmosphere of the room as well as the climatic conditions such as sun and wind.

Start of construction: 2008
Completion: 2013

Plot: 162 339 m²
WHP Towers: 713 000 m²
BGF City Living: 360,000 m²
Gross floor area above ground: 1.073 million sq meters
Gross floor area below ground: 321 052 m²
BGF total: 1,394,052 sq meters

Pearl Dubai FZ LLC

Project Management:
PMDC Project Management
Development Consultants

Prof.Peter P. Schweger
Jens-Peter Frahm
Mark students

Structural engineer:

TGA planning:
Ebert-Ingenieure GmbH Hamburg, Hamburg, Munich

Elevator Planning:
Jappsen engineers Berlin GmbH, Berlin

Facade Technology:
IFFT Institute of Technology facade Frankfurt, Frankfurt

Masuch + Olbrisch GmbH,


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