Hard to believe it’s Gehry’s website: http://www.foga.com/


Gehry Partners, LLP is a full service firm with broad international experience in academic, commercial, museum, performance, and residential projects.

Frank Gehry established his practice in Los Angeles, California in 1962. The Gehry partnership, Gehry Partners, LLP, was formed in 2001 and currently supports a staff of over 120 people. Gehry Partners employs a large number of senior architects who have extensive experience in the technical development of building systems and construction documents, and who are highly qualified in the management of complex projects.

Every project undertaken by Gehry Partners is designed personally and directly by Frank Gehry. All of the resources of the firm and the extensive experience of the firm’s partners are available to assist in the design effort and to carry this effort forward through technical development and construction administration. The firm relies on the use of Digital Project, a sophisticated 3D computer modeling program originally created for use by the aerospace industry, to thoroughly document designs and to rationalize the bidding, fabrication, and construction processes.

The partners in Gehry Partners, LLP are: Frank Gehry, Brian Aamoth, Terry Bell, John Bowers, Edwin Chan, Jennifer Ehrman, Berta Gehry, Meaghan Lloyd, Tensho Takemori, Laurence Tighe & Craig Webb.

Preliminary sketches for the Panama Puente de Vida Museo | © Frank O. Gehry


The following positions offer the opportunity to work on (or in some cases support) the design, documentation and construction administration of significant and complex structures around the world, including museums, concert halls, entertainment, retail, housing, and mixed use.

All qualified persons are welcome to submit their work for consideration should job opportunities arise in the future by clicking “submit online” next to the position of interest, where you will be able to attach a resume or curriculum vitae, at least five (5) excerpts that best represent your professional and academic architecture work, and a letter describing your interest (all in a single PDF file no larger than 10MB). Or you may send those same materials to: Human Resources, Gehry Partners, LLP, 12541 Beatrice Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Please note work submitted by hard copy will not be returned.

Submissions without work samples will NOT be considered; submissions with only a reference to a website will not be considered. Architects who are not U.S. citizens must describe their status to work in the United States, including detailing visa type and duration.

Please do not respond if you are not fully qualified. Fluency in English, both written and spoken, is required. All candidates for architectural positions must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in architecture, or higher.

We do not respond individually to submissions. We will contact you in the future should job opportunities arise and if we decide to move forward with your submission. No telephone calls, please.

Architect 4: Job Captain/Intermediate Architect submit online
Experience Required: 6-8 Years
Job Captains/Intermediate Architects must have strong experience in the preparation of DDs and CDs; can demonstrate effective technical abilities; have demonstrated superior problem defining and solving skills; and who have strong design sensibilities and interests.
Architect 5: Intermediate Architect submit online
Experience Required: 3-6 Years
Intermediate Architects must have experience in the preparation of DD and CD documentation for a range of building types for medium to large scale projects. This position requires experience in coordinating building systems and technical issues in all phases of the design process. Candidates should have effective communication, organizational and leadership skills. Proficiency in AutoCAD and knowledge of 3D modeling are essential.
Architect 6: Junior Architect submit online
Experience Required: 2-3 Years
Junior Architects must have strong design and 3d modeling skills, have experience in working in collaborative environment to develop project documentation on complex projects, and who demonstrate effective problem solving and communication skills. This position requires experience in AutoCAD and knowledge of 3D modeling as part of the design and documentation process.
Architect 7: Entry Junior Architect submit online
Experience Required: 0-2 Years
Entry Junior Architects must have a professional degree in architecture, strong design and model building skills and experience, have experience in AutoCAD and who are seriously interested in developing 3D modeling experience. Strong organizational and communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on teams and/or in a studio setting are essential.
Information Architect submit online
Experience Required: 5-10+ Years
Information Architects must have demonstrated computing and organizational skills to coordinate and structure the effective and accurate flow of information in a project team, including with consultants. Information Architects must also be capable of being simultaneously engaged with the overall scope and nature of the project while managing the myriad details of its execution. This requires experienced conceptual and organizational skills with an emphasis on technical proficiency and attention to detail, and strong and clear organization and communication skills as well as experience with a wide range of 2D and 3D software applications.

and nothing about his projects, i think his name is well enough for clients…



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