Font change could save money, planet

Well, here’s a rather original, money-saving, budget-cutting, planet-saving idea: The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is changing its e-mail font.

For years, the university has used Arial. But during spring break last week, it switched to Century Gothic, which uses roughly 30 percent less ink when printed on paper. Director of Computing and Information Technology Diane Blohowiak told Wisconsin Public Radiothat the new font uses even less ink than a widely touted “Eco Font.”

With printer ink costing around $10,000 a gallon, the university is hoping the font change will help departments save some money. Plus, the change fits with the university’s five-year plan to go green. So far, Blohowiak told WPR, she hasn’t received any complaints about the change.

University press shop workers were a little taken aback that news of its font change was categorized as weird or bizarre by national newspapers. On their blog they wrote:

We note also that in the Houston Chronicle, it was placed in its News Bizarre section. Is saving money and using less ink “bizarre?” We wouldn’t think so, but here’s that link.

And at the Miami Herald they think that this change is worthy of “Weird News.” Maybe it’s the oxymoron of printing out your e-mails, but c’mon, practically everybody does it at least on occasion. Or maybe they’re getting too much sun in Miami and Houston. Here’s a link.

By Jenna Johnson  |  March 26, 2010; 3:30 PM ET

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