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August 28, 2010

Gateway Arch showing rust and decay

August 28, 2010

Mustafa Abadan and his new Super Green Tower for Seoul

Project Facts

Completion Year: 2015

Project Area: 725,000 m2

Building Height: 640 m
Number of Stories: 133

This landmark tower designed by Mustafa Abadan from Skidmore Owings and Merrill located at the heart of Seoul’s Digital Media City proposes a new paradigm in high-performance skyscraper design.

Conventional high-rise towers traditionally create a barrier between program and environment; mechanical systems consume significant amounts of energy in order to heat and cool interior spaces as well as to draw in fresh air. The Digital Media City Tower explores ways of bringing the environment within the structure to reduce energy consumption and create better interior spaces. The inspiration was taken from the marine sponge, a creature that survives by filtering nutrients from water.

Several large atria maximize daylight harvesting. The interior atria along the perimeter act as lungs for the tower, providing air circulation and filtration for the varied programmatic volumes. Within these, active phytoremediation walls temper and refresh the quality of interior air.

The central core allows light to reach the center of the building but its primary purpose is to drive wind turbines at the crown of the building. The air in this volume naturally rises due to the building’s stack effect.

These sustainable systems reduce the overall energy use by 65 percent. The tower is a model for sustainable design at a scale and typology traditionally insensitive to the environment and context.

From top to bottom, the tower’s floor plates provide ideal dimensions for each of the program elements. Retail lease spans at the lowest level are the widest, with the spans on each subsequent program zone narrowing from office to residential and hotel levels.

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from developer website:


Usage of each story of the Seoul DMC Landmark Building

Story Facility Total area Tenant
Transmitting tower 100㎡ AMC
132 ~ 133F Observation room 3,195.81㎡ CJ
131F Broadcasting facility 1,640.98㎡ MBC
128 ~ 130F Event restaurants 5,096.73㎡ Ritz Carlton
109 ~ 127F Hotels 37,791.76㎡ Ritz Carlton
85 ~ 108F Family hotels 51,286.17㎡ Marriott
46 ~ 84F Collective housing 85,691.61㎡ Daewoo Construction
8 ~ 45F Offices 120,132.85㎡ AMC
7 ~ 8F Conventions 13,424.98㎡ Ritz Carlton
B1 ~ 8F Department store, shopping mall 141,865.64㎡ Shinsegae, AMC
B1F, 1F Ubiquitous center,
digital media center,
corporate promotion center
9,632.79㎡ AMC
Total area 469,759.33㎡


Functions Facility Detail
Exchange Research & Business Advanced research & technology offices, such as digital & IT
Business Center Service offices (multi-national firms, preparation offices for entering Korea), SOHO offices, business incubation center
Convention Seminar room, large meeting room
Convergence PR New product exhibitions, special exhibitions, all-time exhibitions
Theme Ubiquitous, cutting-edge digital experience room, entertainment facility
Support Accommodation Hotel Accommodation for families of domestic and foreign visitors
Family Hotel Guest house for CEOs
Housing Apartment Digital apartments with a ubiquitous system
Consulting, Investment, Finance Law, accounting, patents, or investment companies
Commercial facility Department store, shopping mall, restaurants
Leisure Gallery, observation center, event hall, park

Eco-Friendly Plan

  • We have tried to receive the platinum grade
  • The best grade a building can receive, based how environmentally-friendly it is, from Seoul City. New renewable energy generation such as wind power generation, sunlight, geothermal heat pumps, and solar water heating were used. By placing the interface void through the upper middle stories of the building, natural ventilation and lighting were delivered. Such problems are typical concerns for high-rise buildings. Greening of the lower stories generates adiabatic effects against internal and external heat, thus reducing the load of cooling or heating. By installing automatic ventilation windows in the building shell, fresh air is supplied. Eco-friendly systems such as a transmissible pavement plan, green panel plan, an advanced recycling system, and terrestrial & aquatic biotopes were applied to the entire building.

Landmark Structure

단면계획 -최근 우리나라도 지진으로부터 안전지대 아님 -타워부 각 기계실 5개 층에 아웃리거를 설치(횡력저항) -타워 3개 층에 노치(NOTCH)를 설치. (풍진동 제어)

Figurative/Symbolic Characteristic

Mass concept PhotoMass concept PhotoMass concept PhotoMass concept Photo

Mass concept:

-Formative motif of a smoke-signal station site on Namsan

-Smooth curve of Korean nature

Rendering concept

Rendering concept:

Digital image of RIB rendering + LED lighting

NEW PARADIGM - INTERFACE VOID of a high-rise building

NEW PARADIGM – INTERFACE VOID of a high-rise building:

-Open vertical space at the center of the building

-New concept of a high-rise building

-Wind power generation, natural ventilation, natural lighting, wall frame planting.