PLP Architecture has announced a collaboration with the University College London (UCL Energy Institute) and Bentley Systems to sponsor the development of new software tools for parametric design that focus on energy and the environment. In architecture, the manipulation of form using the parametric system is well established, and PLP architecture is widely acknowledged in the profession as being on the cutting edge of that technology.

Lars Hesselgren, head of technology and advanced geometry at PLP, explained the idea behind this collaboration: “PLP Research is focused on providing better tools for architects and engineers to predict behaviour of complex systems, such as the built environment. The control of geometric form has been the focus of current parametric design systems. By teaming up with UCL Energy Institute and Bentley Systems, PLP aims to extend that ease of control into the energy space-time domain, where manipulating performance is as important as manipulating form. By coupling geometric form and performance very tightly, optimisation and exploration will be orders of magnitude faster and easier. As part of this collaboration, an Engineering Doctorate researcher will be embedded in the studios of PLP to work closely with design teams while developing such innovative tools and techniques.”

Amy Holtz, head of sustainability at PLP, commented,”For PLP Architecture, the goal of achieving sustainability is not an afterthought, but rather is inherent in our principles of design. Our aim is to integrate passive design strategies with a dynamic approach to form finding. This new parametric design tool will allow us as designers to quickly generate, evaluate, discard and or proceed with alternatives in which architectural responses are closely linked with quantitative and qualitative environmental drivers. Integrating this tool into the design teams from the earliest stages will foster a process of ‘optimisation’ rather than ‘revision’ as a design evolves from concept to reality.”

The team is now accepting applicants for the Engineering Doctorate researcher. The Eng D candidate will be supervised and supported by Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, Head of UCL Energy Institute, Lars Hesselgren, Director Research PLP and Volker Mueller, Research Director for Computational Design at Bentley Systems.

Interested and qualified applicants can find further information and application procedures here:

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